Movie Recommendation-Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed


Expelled is a documentary about how the mainstream scientific community will only allow Darwinism to be taught at Universities when considering how the world came to exist as it does now. Any professor or intellectual who dares to even consider Intelligent Design in lectures, papers, or published research is isolated and ‘disciplined’. This documentary outlines how professors and researchers at the Smithsonian Institute were relieved of their posts for even mentioning the possibility of “ID” in their research. The fired researcher who examined ID at the Smithsonian was even told that he was guilty of “Intellectual Terrorism.”

I am no scientist, and I am not well versed in all of the research on both sides, but I do know that this has been an ongoing debate for centuries. Isn’t  science supposed to examine how the natural world operates? Shouldn’t scientists be willing to examines all possibilities of the issue at hand? In terms of how we came to exist, there are essentially two scientific possibilities: Some sort of random act of nature together with a consistent development of cells to their current state OR some Intelligent Hand that has a role in the design of the Universe. The modern establishment has disallowed one of these two options from even having a place at the research table.

Charles Darwin, their hero, never had a formal job outside of his home. A wealthy father bankrolled all of his research and efforts. This is no longer much of an option for the modern scientific community. A great deal of money is required to conduct research today. This money is being allocated almost exclusively for the research of Darwinism.

I commonly meet students at University who are convinced of the ‘fact’ of Darwinism. Ben Stein interviewed supporters on both sides of the argument in his film. Some of the scholars are not convinced of either theory, but want to be able to examine both possibilities within the scope of their research. They are not allowed.

Richard Dawkins, a devout atheist who is one of the most outspoken critics of ID and author of “The God Delusion,” was interviewed in this documentary. He admitted, along with many others on the program, that nobody really knows how everything got started. He also told Stein that he was open to the possibility that some more advanced life form, perhaps from another Galaxy, had a hand in the design of our current world. Apparently, he’s open to ID as long as the designer is not called God.

Stein interviewed another Darwinian professor and asked him how creation came to be. He said that ‘one popular theory’ is that cells developed on the backs of crystals and continued to mutate and develop to what we have today. So, magic crystals can be taught to our students, but those who consider ID are quacks?

One point that I found very interesting is that Darwin had no theory about how everything got started. His evolutionary theories begin after the first cell is already in existence. How cells came to be are not explained. Most of us would agree that species develop and change. However, there is no evidence to show how one species changes into a completely different species. Additionally, Darwin admits that he cannot define a species. The cell, as Darwin knew it in 1859, is not even remotely related to what we know a cell to be today. A featured scientist said that if a cell to Darwin was a mud puddle, a cell today is a Saturn V, or even a galaxy. Today’s cell is something Darwin could not have even imagined, he said. So, Darwin does not know what a species is or how species came to be, but titled his book, “The Origin of Species.”  And this is the only option allowed to be taught to our students?

There are far-reaching consequences to this theory.

Darwinism has been the greatest engine for atheism for the last 150 years and it is being actively taught to our children as a foregone conclusion–a fact. My 8-year old son  has already been indoctrinated.

There are also significant moral consequences. We are not saying that people who believe in an evolutionary process are evil people. However, the theory itself has been used for the basis of human eugenics, abortion, euthanasia, and extermination of human beings. Mein Kampf has Darwinian Theory jumping from the pages. Death chambers were set up in Germany where 70 persons were killed daily who were deemed handicapped in some way. Hitler felt they were genetically weakening the human race. He wanted to remove them from the gene pool in order to create his perfect race. He likely even thought he was doing good. Imagine that. There is no intrinsic value of life when you follow the natural conclusion and spiritual significance of this thought pattern.

Once man is reduced to a simple collection of cells with no metaphysical reality, one’s whole perspective on the value of life is altered. One can effectively argue that many of the changes in laws today stem from this mindset. All of the judges on our current Supreme Court were educated in two or three ‘elite’ universities that are stamping out Darwinists who are speaking in one collective, uniform voice. History last century is riddled with leaders who systematically tried to eradicate religion. The  scientists interviewed in the documentary admitted that this is their goal.

We must allow our voices to be heard just as strongly. We must take care with the education of our children. Life matters. 




4 thoughts on “Movie Recommendation-Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

  1. I saw this film several years ago and couldn’t believe how easily we “accept” what is forced on us through education and expedient requirements. Of course, that is why factory centralized education is crucial. Take for example the current “fact” of man made climate change discussion. This is no longer even debated, just accepted. Again, mind control through “education” and media indoctrination is absolutely essential to total government control of every aspect of our lives.

    I strongly urge you to watch this video with your family and continue to question everything. If you are unwilling or unable to remove your children from public indoctrination schools, then interview them daily so you have some idea of what propaganda is being forced on them.

    But recognize you will ultimately loose the battle.

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