Series on Love

I am taking a course on Philosophical Theology with a central focus on Love. We are studying various historical thinkers to those more recent. I will be posting various summaries of what I learn from the understanding of love according to these men as  a series over the next couple months.

Afterward, I will ATTEMPT to synthesis these thoughts into how the Christian View of Love is unique and also what is meant by Jesus’ Double Command of Love. (Matt 22:36-40)

The first thinker is Plato. This one is unique to the others. The idea of love is taken from “The Symposium.” It was a drinking party during which philosophers debated various issues. In case you’re not familiar with Plato, Socrates is the ‘hero’ of the Platonic Dialogues. In Symposium, there are a few speakers who opine on Love. Socrates goes last, proving why the first ideas are inadequate and then building to his thought on the subject. Plato’s works have been broken down into ‘verse’ similar to what the Church has done with the Bible. The quotes you see are references to those chapters and verses.

And as a reminder, I am not an expert. I hope you enjoy learning as much as I am.


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