America ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ and Orthodoxy

I post here as both an American and an Orthodox Christian. I’ve read a number of posts today from other Christians who claim they are unable, or less than enthusiastic about our patriotic celebration. They cite the deteriorating values of our modern society. Let me say that I am a Christian first and American second: God, family, then country. 

I join my brothers in my dismay for modernism and the “anything goes” attitude of modern society. I grieve for the state of our primary school system. I think separation of powers isn’t operating the way I feel it should according to our Constitution. States have less teeth than they did two hundred years ago. This list could continue for some time. 

I am not a historian, but I enjoy our country’s history. I like reading biographies of our founding fathers. I am currently reading an excellent biography of George Washington by Ron Chernow. I highly recommend it. My reading of history leads me to the following conclusion, things weren’t perfect then either. Aaron Burr shot and killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel of “honor”. Thomas Jefferson actively paid newspaper men to write derogatory comments about Washington. The problem is that he was on Washington’s cabinet! He was Secretary of State! Many of our founders enjoyed their lifestyles on the backs of slavery! I could continue with this list too. My point is this, our country has struggled with moral issues, shady politics, disunity, and the like since its inception. 

Through all of this, the United States has been a beacon of hope for many for quite some time. I am Orthodox because people in persecuted countries came here to make a better life for their families and to freely practice their faith. They shared their faith with others who shared it with my family. Now I proudly embrace that same faith. 

Yes, we have work to do. Yes the moral fabric of our society is hanging by its last thread. But I am proud to be able to freely and openly practice my faith. I am proud of those who served in our armed forces to help preserve this right, including many in my own family: my father, my uncle, and both of my grandfathers, who all served in the USAF. 

Let’s not take this for granted. Let’s take advantage of this by participating in the full life of our Church. Let’s pray for our country and for one another. And politically, let’s voice our support for political leaders who support this way of life. 

Happy Independence Day! 


9 thoughts on “America ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ and Orthodoxy

      1. We may have been morally bankrupt before. But never in human history has a society legalized and indeed glorified sodomy – anal copulation by one man with another man – and called it “love.” Never before has any society had the audacity to force such unspeakable perversion on its own military and then, its own (entire) population. Never before has the United States, or any other country, made sodomy a central part of its foreign policy agenda.

        The freedom that allowed people to come to this country and share their faith no longer exists. It has been replaced, by 5 charlatans in black robes, with a neo-fascist, totalitarian police state where you and I can’t even get or keep a job if we oppose the new order or do anything less than wholeheartedly support it.

        This is a very dark time indeed, and I find very little in America’s present or foreseeable future, to celebrate as an American or as a veteran.

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      2. Thank you for sharing. I agree with everything you’ve said. I share in your outrage. I referenced other atrocities, such as slavery, to make the point that we shouldn’t lose hope.
        I recall a fantastic story about a young man holding Bible study on University of Missouri’s campus while in law school. The school banned the practice, citing a rule against state sponsored religion. The law student coordinated a lawsuit against the state and won. His efforts can be thanked by students who to this day can hold bible studies on that campus!
        So yes, let’s join in our outrage. Let’s have hope that our voices can be raised and heard. Let’s hope that morality will prevail in America.

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  1. Certainly, both posts are very valid. We were, have been (many times) “bankrupt”, both morally and politically. And since Roe v Wade, we have been on a very steep slope of moral decay. There are many reasons for this, but the increasingly fast pace of this slide is due in large part to the centralized factory “education” system of the US. Many speak about the other items, i.e, entertainment, including tv, movies, video games and such. And, for sure, they are contributors.

    I do remember, with pride, wearing the uniform of the USAF and serving as did my Father, Uncle and Brother. I do remember, however, feeling that we were involved in a very unjust and stupid military campaign in southeast Asia. And, increasingly, I (as did many of my American brethren) felt totally betrayed by a government hostile to the Constitution.

    But the 2 Supreme Court cases mentioned in these posts have totally eclipsed the moral decay of the previous 200+ years of our country’s previous missteps. I do not see an undoing of the wrong turns that these 2 havoc wreaking “decisions” have wrought and will continue to do so.

    I wish to try and remain optimistic and hopeful, but increasingly, I do see that the future is a very dark time, as well.

    Fortunately for me, my brother, my son and other family members, I know that my main responsibility is to work with “fear and trembling”, on my own salvation, and to pray for the people and country that constitute my “neighbors”.

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    1. Very well said. I agree with the sentiment of Mark’s post. I share his outrage. My biggest fear from this ruling is the loss of our freedoms, think of the bakery sued for its unwillingness to support a gay marriage on moral grounds, and our children’s education. I do not want my child’s school to teach that a gay marriage is a viable “option ” for a family.
      But my points in this post were meant to celebrate our ability to practice our faith and to share it with others. The other was that I still have Hope. We have overcome atrocities before, and it is a Christian virtue. So what we must do is to have faith, hope, and love.

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